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Make Money From Home With These Online Freelance Sites

You can begin to replace your lost job or income from the coronavirus by selling your skills through a freelance site.

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Here are some of your best bets for making money while working at home.

Before we jump into the list of the top freelancing sites, it’s worth noting that you should sign up for as many as possible. This will broaden your reach and result in more opportunities to make money.

As you begin, you may want to take on small jobs at a lower pay rate in exchange for a positive testimonial. With it, you can then start building your reputation to attract more clients, while also charging more for your services.

1. Freelancer

As its name suggests, Freelancer connects those who work independently with clients looking to pay for their services.

While you can create a Freelancer profile to showcase your skills and have clients contact you, the site also lets you see listings from employers so you can make the first move.

What’s the catch? Freelancer charges a fee per project in exchange for connecting you and the client. And although they do charge for the ability to bid, you get eight free bids per month so you can start without paying a penny.

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As for what type of work you can find and sell on Freelancer, the long list of options includes writing articles, designing websites, sales/marketing services, translation, and much more.

2. Upwork

Like Freelancer, Upwork connects independent contractors with clients and acts as a middleman for a fee.

As a freelancer, you’ll be bidding versus others to secure clients from around the world. You can either get one-time gigs or form relationships that will turn into long-term, well-paying positions that can last years.

3. Fiverr

Don’t let Fiverr’s name scare you. While it does have gigs that pay $5 a pop, you can also find jobs for much more. Start building money-making momentum as a Fiverr freelancer, and any negative memories of losing your regular job due to COVID-19 will soon disappear.

How can you earn money on Fiverr? By offering services like:

  • Logo design
  • Website development
  • Translation
  • Writing
  • Video editing
  • Voiceovers
  • Data entry
  • Virtual assistance
  • Fitness lessons
  • Relationship advice
  • And more…

As you can see, that’s a wide range of categories, and it only represents a small fraction of ways to make money from home via Fiverr. In other words, even if you’ve never freelanced before, there’s a good chance you have a skill you can start to sell via the site.

As with most freelancing sites, Fiverr will take a percentage of each job completed.

4. Guru

Guru is a freelance site that works a bit differently from the others above, as it focuses more on bidding. For instance, if a client needs articles for their blog, you can bid on it with other freelancers to see who gets the job.

On the flip side, employers can contact you too if they like your profile and feel you’ll be a good fit.

You can create your profile on Guru for free. It will include 10 free bids, and you can pay extra for more. If you win a gig, Guru will take a percentage.

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